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Do you suffer from vaginismus? Have you ever had satisfying and comfortable intercourse only to develop vaginismus later in life, or are you one of those unfortunate ladies who has never been able to have satisfying penetrative sex? The problem stems from an involuntary spasming of your vaginal muscles. Any automatic or involuntary response is controlled by your subconscious mind, so hypnotherapy is an obvious choice to help you overcome the problem for once and for all.

Vaginismus – A Description

vaginismus spasms painful sex frustration upset

The most frustrating thing about vaginismus is that you have no conscious control over those muscles spasms in you vagina. There are two main types – Primary Vaginismus and Secondary Vaginismus

  • Primary Vaginismus – This is where you have never had successful or comfortable penetration. You may also have had difficulty with the insertion of tampons, gynaecological examinations can be really difficult or even impossible in extreme cases, and the contraceptive coil may not be an option for you as it may cause constant pain.
  • Secondary Vaginismus – This is where you have actually had successful penetration at some stage but have developed vaginismus at a later stage of life

No matter which form of vaginismus you suffer from, it can sap your self-esteem, frustrate and upset you and leave you feeling as if there is something wrong with you. Many women feel that they cannot discuss this openly with their partner / husband and it is quite common for this to remain unspoken about for a long time – in some cases years.

Vaginal Spasming – Why Does It Happen?

vaginismus cycle of pain

There are a number of possible reasons and some of them include

  • An infection earlier in life – (eg. a yeast-based infection)
  • A previous sexual trauma such as rape or sexual assault
  • Fear of pain due to penetration – the expectancy of pain can cause spasming
  • Fear of getting pregnant and having to go through childbirth
  • A previous traumatic childbirth
  • General anxiety
  • Stress
  • Guilt
  • Other psychological issues

Due to the possibility of a medical basis for the problem, it is always a good idea to consult a GP first. Many women feel uncomfortable speaking about this to their own GP since they will have to face them many other times in the future. If this is a problem for you, try going to see a GP in another town or locality just for this issue.

Vaginismus And Hypnotherapy

subconscious mind controls pain and we can achieve pain management by learning how to control it

Vaginismus is an involuntary muscle spasm. The word “involuntary” is important here. This means you have no conscious control over the spasm. You can neither make it happen consciously or make it go away consciously. This is where hypnotherapy can really help. Through the relaxed state of hypnosis, we bypass your conscious mind and target your subconscious mind directly – that part of your mind which controls the spasming. By resolving other issues such as anxiety and stress, we can get to the root cause of the problem quickly and easily. With the help of a personlised self-hypnosis recording, you can rehearse successful penetration in your mind in hypnosis and train your mind to believe that you are completely safe and secure while having sex and no longer need to do that spasming.

Free Initial Consultation

I offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. This is where you come along and meet with me and we discuss your problem discreetly and in complete confidence. I realise that for many ladies, speaking openly about vaginismus can be awkward and embarrassing. You’ll find me to be very understanding and calm in my approach – this comes from dealing with clients sexual problems on a regular basis. Also, my office is at the side of my family home and many women find it comforting to know that they are in completely safe surroundings as they are talking about a very sensitive and personal issue.

The FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION lasts about an hour and allows me to explore all of the aspects of the problem – some of which you may not have considered before. I’ll also have the opportunity to explain fully how hypnotherapy can help you, what you can expect during the process and how many sessions you’ll need.

When you are ready to arrange that FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, click on the image below NOW!

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