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Sugar Addiction – Is It Real?

Sugar Addiction Cork – twenty or thirty years ago, no-one talked about sugar addiction. It is a relatively “new” addiction. However many studies such as this one, link eating too much sugar with obesity. Scientists and health professionals are in general agreement that overconsumption of sugar is extremely dangerous as outlined in this article by the University Of California

Even at a local level, you’ll find that, now in 2018, the amount of sugary things for sale in our shops is at it’s highest level ever. If you ask anyone who remembers the 1970’s and 1980’s, they’ll tell you that you’d be amazed as to how much less sugary things were available back then.

Sugar Addiction – Are You Addicted?

Some of the signs of sugar addiction might take you a bit by surprise

  • Craving carbs – this may seem odd because a bowl of past (for instance) doesn’t normally make us think of sugar but it could be that your brain is craving the glucose element of the food you’re eating
  • Hooked on sugary fizzy drinks – it doesn’t matter whether it’s the full sugar version or the one that’s full of artificial sweetener. Your brain doesn’t really distinguish. All it is aware of is this “stuff” that it’s addicted to.
  • Using sugar as a “reward” – how many of us buy a family pack of chocolate bars and use them as treats for our kids and then end up eating them ourselves?
  • Wanting to be alone with sugar – do you wait until your partner is out and then sneakily have a sugary drink or have some food laden with sugar?
  • Tried to kick the habit before and failed? – many people who have an addiction problem have tried to give up but fell off the wagon after a month or two.

If any of these ring a bell with you, you could be addicted to sugar

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can very effectively help you to overcome your sugar addiction for once and for all. You’ll also learn how to treat or reward yourself more healthily and finally break that association between emotions and sugar.

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