Public Speaking Fear

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Public Speaking Fear – Do you suffer from a fear of public speaking? Does even the thought of standing up in front of a group of people to give a talk or presentation make you feel physically sick? Do you find yourself thinking about it constantly in the lead-up to your public speaking event? It is often said that a fear of public speaking is second only to the fear of death, and even though that may sound over-dramatic, right at that moment where you are called upon to speak, it can seem all too true! The great news is that you can become a calm, confident public speaker simply and easily with hypnotherapy.

How Did Your Public Speaking Fear Start?

fear of public speaking fear of being judged by others

How does your fear of public speaking start? Well that’s an interesting question – and the answers are completely individual. You have your own set of life experiences which are completely unique to you and so the reasons why you begin your fear can be quite different from why another person develops the same fear.

Here are some of the most common reasons why you develop a fear of speaking in public…..

  • A overly critical parent who made you feel a bit nervous about things you didn’t do correctly.
  • A teacher who forces you to stand up and speak in front of the class against your wishes
  • Being ridiculed or made fun of in front of others (normally happens in school)
  • Learning in some situation or other to be overly sensitive to judgement by others
  • Bullying
  • A desire for perfectionism
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feeling inadequate or inferior to others

There are so many background situations which may not be at all even related to public speaking that can cause you to become nervous about speaking in public, or nervous about being judged by others.

Public Speaking Fear Symptoms

Many people who have a fear of public speaking report the following symptoms

  • Increased temperature or sweating
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Knots in the pit of their stomach
  • Tightening of the muscles in the chest area
  • Shallow or tight breathing
  • Catastrophising about the outcome – thinking it’s definitely going to be bad
  • Throat constricting or mouth becoming dry
  • Blushing or facial redness

While these are common fear or phobia symptoms, and you probably know yourself that these symptoms are just associated with your fear, it is not wise to assume and you should get yourself checked over by your GP to make sure there is nothing medically wrong with you as some of these symptoms can also indicate a serious medical condition.

Training Yourself To Speak Calmly & Confidently

Barack Obama public speaking confidence role model

If you wanted to run a marathon, you’d have to commit yourself to a training regime, wouldn’t you? Or if you wanted to learn a specific skill, you’d have to commit to putting in the time necessary to learn that skill. It’s the same with public speaking – there are skills and techniques that you can learn that will let your audience believe that you are completely comfortable.

A great role model in terms of public speaking is the U.S. President, Barack Obama. If you find any of his speeches on Youtube and watch what he does, and listen to how he delivers his speeches, there are techniques and tricks that he has learned that make it seem effortless. These same skills are available to you to learn right here with the help of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Overcome Fear With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy, NLP & EFT are all wonderful methods of overcoming fear and I integrate all of these approaches into my work with clients to help you to overcome your fears quickly, easily and permanently, no matter what those fears are. I normally work one-to-one with clients to overcome their fears, although I am also invited from time to time to do corporate public speaking  training days with some of the larger blue-chip companies in the Munster area.

I offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. This is where you come along and meet with me, free of charge, for about an hour where we’ll discuss all of the possible aspects of the problem – your childhood experiences, how your fear affects you today, what you experience, what triggers you off, etc. I’ll also explain how hypnotherapy can successfully help you to overcome your fear and all about hypnosis.


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