Pain Management

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Pain Management – Do you suffer from constant pain? You can achieve natural pain management and get relief with the help of hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). These techniques put you in control and give you a sense of calm control instead of negative or depressed thoughts about your problem.

Sources Of Chronic Pain

chronic pain problem constant pain

Some medical conditions bring with them constant, unremitting pain – examples would be fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica, cancer, etc. These are medical conditions, and of course, must be treated by a medical professional in the first instance. Once these conditions are diagnosed and the appropriate medication prescribed, for many people, they feel as if they are left to fend for themselves. Many people feel that their medication does not have the desired effect from time to time and they can feel helpless and despairing and quite upset about how they going to endure this pain

Natural Relief

subconscious mind controls pain and we can achieve pain management by learning how to control it

Our subconscious mind controls automatic responses in our body such as our breathing and heartrate. We do not have to make a conscious decision each time we breathe – it just happens automatically. Pain is controlled from the same part of the mind and through hypnosis, we can learn how to control it and achieve natural relief. Remember, pain is just a signal from a part of our body to tell our brain that there is something wrong and we need to take care of it. Now, once we have the signal and we take the appropriate action, in many cases, it is not necessary to constantly feel the pain at the same level. What if we could take charge and achieve pain management through hypnosis and EFT?

Pain Management With Hypnosis And EFT

Natural pain relief for chronic pain with EFT and hypnotherapy for pain management

EFT is a very simple set of techniques that you can learn from a properly qualified therapist which will enable you to take control of your pain. It utilises acupuncture meridian points and all you have to do is simply tap on them in the order that you’ll be shown how to do. EFT is a very simple and very effective technique that can be used for many emotional and physical problems in order to achieve relief. When hypnosis is combined with EFT, what you get is an even more potent solution to your problem.

Free Initial Consultation

I offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION where you come along and meet with me for about an hour. We’ll discuss your problem in great detail, including the impact of other lifestyle considerations that you may not have considered before. The aim is to take a holistic approach and take into consideration your physical problem, your lifestyle, your eating and sleeping and your mindset or state of mind. During this free initial consultation, I’ll have the opportunity to fully explain exactly how hypnotherapy and EFT can help you to take control, feel more relaxed, believe that you are in control and teach you how to be able to quickly and easily reduce and manage your pain.

When you are ready to arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, click on the image below NOW!

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