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Jealousy – Do you finding yourself becoming irrationally jealous and possessive? Do you find yourself being suspicious of your partner constantly? Does this cause you to be angry or feel humiliated? Do you feel envy towards others, thinking they are better, more intelligent, sexier, more desireable, more talented, etc.? Deep down, do you just feel inadequate or insecure? Or are you just overly dependent on your partner? Whatever your jealousy or envy problem, it can be overcome with hypnotherapy.

Jealousy And You

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So how do you become jealous? Well perhaps it’s based in your childhood – maybe there was some trauma or something that made you insecure or feel not quite good enough. Or perhaps it’s something else. Perhaps it’s your partner who first caused you to feel feelings of distrust which then spiralled out of control. Or perhaps it was a previous unhappy relationship. It could be any number of reasons that causes you to become obsessively jealous.

Jealousy Symptoms

People who have irrational jealousy or envy may recognise some of the following behaviours

  • Secretly checking your partners phone without cause
  • Constantly thinking that your partner is going to leave you
  • Feeling inadequate or threatened by others who you regard as attractive to your partner
  • Feeling envious of others because they are better, nicer, sexier, more beautiful, more desireable, etc.
  • Feeling irrationally angry because of your perceptions rather than what really happened

For people whose envy or jealousy is out of control, you may find yourself being consumed by it, unable to shake yourself free of it, and you may even find your self-esteem suffering. You might even drive your partner into the arms of another. If you recognise any of these behaviours in yourself, perhaps it’s time for therapy.

Overcoming The Problem With Hypnotherapy

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Overcoming your jealousy is not only possible, it is really important for your future happiness. Working with a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist is an excellent choice of treatment to help you to overcome the problem and move on with your life. To quote the “Sting” song – “if you love somebody, set them free”. Loving your partner means trusting your partner – trusting them to love you. Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome those blocks and limitations standing between you and your happiness.

I offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. This is where you come along and meet me FREE OF CHARGE for one hour. We’ll discuss the problem and all of it’s various aspects and I’ll explain to you how hypnotherapy can successfully help you to overcome your jealousy problem.


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