How To Orgasm

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How To Orgasm – Do you have difficulty having a climax? Or are you one of the many women who can’t orgasm. Provided there is no medical reason preventing you from enjoying satisfying sex, you can learn how to orgasm with hypnotherapy.

Can’t Orgasm?

It is estimated that as many as ten percent of all women have never had an orgasm. That figure encompasses all sorts of sexual activity from masturbation to heterosexual sex to same sex partnerships. So, to put it quite simply, one in ten women have never had an orgasm. And the great news is that provided there are no medical reasons preventing it, then you can learn how to orgasm.

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Many women who have difficulty orgasming think that they are in some way different or that there is something wrong with them. This could not be further from the truth, however if you have problems orgasming, then these beliefs may be adding to the problem. Also, when you have sex more and more and still do not have an orgasm, it is quite easy to begin to believe you’ll never have one.

Why Can’t I Climax?

There can be many reasons why a woman can’t orgasm

  • What your parents told you about sex (eg. “sex is dirty”, etc)
  • What your religion tells you
  • Previous unsuccessful or embarrassing sexual experiences
  • Previous partners being critical of you
  • Listening to friends stories about their sexual exploits
  • Fear of getting pregnant
  • Fear of catching a sexually transmitted disease
  • Fear of being thought of as “easy”
  • Trying to achieve perfection

How To Orgasm

how to orgasm

Provided there is no medical reason for your problem, you can learn how to have the climax. he first step is to get your head in the right place – what I mean by this is, through hypnotherapy, to let go of all of those negative experiences and all that negative self belief that has created an expectancy of failure.

Some surveys show that, for about 50% of females, their first orgasm happens during masturbation. However, if you have hang-ups or inhibitions, or perhaps a religious predisposition regarding masturbation, then you could be narrowing your chances of having that first orgasm.

The key to having a great orgasm is getting that delicate balance between muscle tension and relaxation just right. One of the ways hypnotherapy can help you is to rehearse success by means of a personalised self-hypnosis recording which will help you to create an expectancy of success each time. Also, when you have overcome any old guilt or negative self-belief that may be hampering you, you’ll find it so much easier to relax and enjoy the moment.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

You can enjoy wonderful orgasms and hypnotherapy can help you to achieve that. Most sexual problems of this nature can take between 6-8 sessions of hypnotherapy to resolve. Once you have decided that you are going to do something positive about your orgasm problem, arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. This is where you come along and meet me in person to discuss your problem in complete confidence. You are free to bring a partner / husband with you for this FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION if you’d prefer – it’s your choice.

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