Fear Of Spiders

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Fear Of Spiders – Do you have an irrational fear of spiders? Do you scream or shudder or start shaking the moment you see a spider? Does it cause family members or your partner to laugh at you or call you silly? Is your fear limiting your life or causing you not to go to certain countries because of a fear of the much larger spiders that you might encounter there? The great news is that you can finally overcome your fear of spiders with the help of hypnotherapy.

Fear Of Spiders – How Does It Start?

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How did you first begin to fear spiders? Fear is a learned experience. So, just like you learn to drive, you learn to fear spiders in the same way, only quicker…..much quicker! In a split second we learn how to do a fear response – that could be someone throwing a fake spider at us when we are a child, or just turning around and there’s a big spider that we weren’t expecting. In that moment, we learn an automatic response. And then we do that same response over and over and over again until we become very good at doing fear. You can become so good at doing your fear of spiders that even the thought of a spider sends a shiver down through you or causes you to start panicking.

Fear Of Spiders – Your Symptoms

Here are some of the more common symptoms that people experience when they are doing their fear

  • Your chest tightening
  • Breathing becoming shallow and quick
  • Queasy feelings in your stomach
  • A feeling as if you’d love to run away and get as far away from the spider as possible.

For a person with a severe spider phobia (called arachnophobia), maybe even seeing a picture of a spider or having a thought about a spider could be enough to trigger off panicky symptoms.

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

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You can overcome even the most severe arachnophobia. It’ll all in how the mind perceives spiders. I use age regression hypnosis to take you back to that first event where you learned to fear spiders and look at it now through your more-mature adult eyes. We’ll also use some other forms of therapy such as NLP and EFT which are highly effective in helping lots of people throughout the world to overcome their fears simply and easily.

I offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. This is where you come along and meet with me, totally free of charge and we discuss your fear and all of the aspects of it – where it started, what you experience today, etc. I’ll also be able to explain to you all about hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can successfully free you from your irrational fear.


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