Fear Of Failure

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Fear Of Failure – this is an incredibly common fear which can limit your life and your potential to achieve. In some cultures, it is common to celebrate success, however in Ireland, as all of us who live here are well aware, there can be an undercurrent of begrudgery, a reluctance to celebrate success and a tendency towards unnecessary modesty and never thinking that our efforts are good enough.

Perhaps this is a generational thing which goes back to times when Ireland was under British rule, or perhaps it comes from the role of the Catholic Church in bygone times. It can also be due to an overcritical parent or embarrassing school experiences. If you suffer from a fear of failure that’s limiting your life, the great news is that you can overcome the problem successfully with hypnotherapy.

Signs Of Fear Of Failure

Do you notice any of the following traits?

  • Procrastination – putting things off
  • Inability to finish tasks
  • Making excuses to yourself and others about why you can’t do certain tasks
  • Avoiding new situations or experiences
  • Feeling unfulfilled and feeling as if you’ve never achieved your full potential.

Causes Of Fear Of Failure

There can be potentially so many causes of fear of failure. because everyone’s life experiences are different. Here are some of the most common causes of fear of failure.

  • Parents – either one or both parents frightening you as a child, being unreasonably critical or negative, associating love and acceptance with the successful achievement of some task or ridiculing you for your efforts.
  • Siblings – sibling rivalry can cause long-term effects to your confidence. There are many motivations for this – your sibling could be jealous of you or the attention you get and can try to destroy or limit that by being critical or nasty in their comments and behaviour.
  • Teachers  – teachers can either inadvertently or deliberately cause major embarrassment over a minor failure (for instance a child being ridiculed in front of the whole class because of not knowing the meaning of a word or phrase).

All of these situations can lead you to believe the belief that perfection is the only safe outcome for any task. This, of course, means that in some case it’s easier to avoid rather than to risk falling short of perfection. When you fear failure, you miss out on the enjoyment of achieving success.

Effective Treatment For Fear With Hypnotherapy

The  most important understanding to have is that fear of failure exists only in your mind! And that’s great because you are in charge of your mind and, with the right help, you can change effortlessly. Hypnotherapy can help you to revisit those old traumatic memories that started it all off and successfully change how you feel about them which will help you today to be less afraid of failure and more proactive in achieving your full potential.

I offer a free initial consultation so that we can discuss your fear of failure and how it limits you. This helps me to understand the full nature of the problem and how best to help you. I’ll also be able to discuss with you at that stage, how many sessions it will take in my estimation for you to achieve a successful outcome. It can take anywhere between six to ten sessions depending on the individual. I’ll also have the opportunity to fully explain the hypnotherapy process and what you can expect.

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