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Chocolate Addiction – The Facts

Chocolate Addiction Cork – It is a proven fact that you can become addicted to chocolate. Several studies have shown that the participants in those studies have exhibited typical addiction symptoms (you can find more info on those studies on by clicking here)

The three main symptoms that demonstrate chocolate (or indeed any) addiction are

  • cravings for chocolate
  • loss of control over the eating of chocolate
  • continuing to eat chocolate even though you have noticed bad consequences (eg. putting on weight)

Chocolate has been compared by certain magazine articles as being as addictive as drugs. While those sensational headlines may attract your eye – are they true?

Chocolate has been shown to contribute to an increased release of a brain chemical called “dopamine” which is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure. Pretty soon your brain begins to recognise chocolate as pleasure or making you feel better if you’re not feeling great. Continued use of chocolate has also been shown to lower your levels of control or your ability to resist.

Chocolate Addiction – The Consequences

Well of course, the most obvious consequence of a chocolate addiction is that you will put on weight and in many cases, probably become obese, which brings with it health risks. There is also the risk of diabetes, and of course, there is your self image which takes a battering every time you believe you have no control, or you feel guilty after having indulged your addiction yet again, etc, etc.

Chocolate Addiction Cork – so how are you best going to tackle this problem and finally overcome it?

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

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