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Anxiety Therapy – Are you suffering from anxiety? Does your anxiety level seem to be more noticeable than before? Do you find that you worry constantly about something bad happening? If your level of anxiety prevents you from enjoying life and being “in the moment”, then hypnotherapy may successfully be able to help you to overcome your anxious feelings.

Anxiety – What Are The Symptoms?

People who suffer from anxiety can complain of shortness of breath, trembling, tightness in the chest and even dizziness. Other related symptoms can be a queasy feeling in the stomach, sweaty palms, excessive sweating, headaches, etc.

Please note that these are just common symptoms, however these symptoms can also indicate problems of a medical nature. You should NEVER assume! If you are concerned, go to your GP and discuss the symptoms. Once your GP has ruled out any medical root cause, you may or may not be prescribed anti-anxiety medication depending on the severity of the problem. However in order to change your anxiety responses and retrain your brain to realise that you are safe in all of those moments where you currently experience symptoms, hypnotherapy is an excellent treatment choice for either anxiety management or resolving the problem permanently.

Anxiety – How It Gets Started

Anxiety problems can start for a variety of reasons. It can be a product of a turbulent childhood – maybe an over-critical parent, or perhaps having to live with an alcoholic parent. For other people, they may trace the origins of their anxiety problem to when they were bullied at school or perhaps to something nasty that someone once said that caused them to doubt themselves. I even once had a client whose anxiety started because of a particularly vivid dream (a night terror). There are so many reasons why anxiety problems start, but they are generally a learned response – in other words, we have learned how to do anxiousness and because we have learned how to do it successfully, we can also learn equally well how to be safe and happy living in the present moment.

A colleague of mine put it very well when she said that anxiety is because of living either in the past or living in the future – reliving the anxiety of the past, or catastrophising about what the future could bring. And all that is really necessary is to learn how to live in the present moment and re-train your subconscious mind to realise that you are safe now. When your subconscious mind believes you are safe now, your automatic responses will be ones of safety and security which will replace those old anxious feelings.

Effective Therapy

There are many forms of talking therapy that can help a person to change their behaviours. One of the quickest and most effective in my opinion is hypnotherapy. I regularly deal with people who suffer with this problem and I am confident that every person who suffers with an anxiousness problem can learn how to manage their emotions, re-train their automatic responses and live a much happier and more fulfilled life, free of their old limitation.

“I used to get really anxious over little things and I began to notice that my level of anxiety was totally different to how my friends and family reacted to the same things. I was known as “the worrier”. Eventually it just became a bit much and I decided to do something about it. Paul was recommended to me by a friend who had come to see him. It took eight sessions of hypnotherapy and it was well worth it. I am so relaxed now by comparison. My children love their new “chilled out” mommy too. Thanks for your wonderful help!”
Sinead, Blarney

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

When you are ready to overcome your anxiousness problem permanently, hypnotherapy is an excellent choice to help you retrain your automatic responses. If you’d like to know more about how you can successfully overcome your anxiety problem, then organise a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION now. This gives you the opportunity to come along and meet with me totally free of charge and during the one-hour long free appointment we’ll discuss your problem, how it started, what you experience, etc. During this time I’ll also have the opportunity to explain to you how hypnotherapy successfully helps overcome problems such as these. You’ll be able to ask any questions you’d like so that you’ll be completely satisfied that hypnotherapy is the right choice for you before you decide to go ahead.


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