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Are You Addicted To Alcohol?

Alcohol Treatment Cork – So, are you a bit concerned you might be drinking too much? Or are you reading this because a loved one or friend has a bit of a problem with drink? One of the questions I regularly get asked is – how do you know when a persons drinking habits are entering problem territory? Here are some of the signs that may indicate that your drinking has become a problem.

  • Do you now need a drink to relax?
  • Is drinking alcohol your stress reliever?
  • Are you telling yourself it’s you’re reward after a hard day or that you need it to unwind?
  • Are you a bit more irritable than usual?
  • Have you started having blackouts after alcohol?
  • Does your short term memory seem not as good as it used to be?
  • Have you started to drink alone more often that you used to?
  • Are you feeling a bit more isolated?

These could be signs that you are developing a serious problem with alcohol. Remember the best time to start tackling this problem is right now!

Alcohol Treatment Centre Cork

There are many options you could choose. If you are feeling extremely depressed from alcohol and need immediate help this minute, as an immediate action you could ring the HSE’s Helpline. If you are not at that stage but are concerned enough to want to talk to someone about a treatment program, hypnotherapy can offer some excellent program’s

  • The Moderate Drinking Program – this is a six week program that focuses on setting rules around alcohol. We also deal with any background emotions that may be causing the alcohol problem.
  • The Alcohol Free Program – this is for people who know that being totally free of alcohol is the only option for them. Running over six wees, we change the mind’s liking for the smell and taste of alcohol, we deal with emotions that used to be self-medicated using alcohol and we boost self esteem so that you know you can do it – and keep doing it long after the program has finished

Because everyone’s issue with alcohol is different, I always see a person for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to properly assess the problem. To arrange that free initial consultation, click here and either fill out the contact form or else call me or text me at the number provided