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Many of us have issues or problems that we need help to overcome. My name is Paul Hunter and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Director of Cork Hypnosis Clinic. I believe that we all have tools and resources inside of us that can help us to make powerful changes to our lives.

Cork Hypnosis Clinic

If you can change your mind, you can change your life!

Hypnosis is a natural ability that most of us have. Therefore it is a very effective way of accessing your powerful subconscious mind to help you to make changes easily. Your subconscious mind controls such things as automatic thoughts, beliefs, childhood patterns of behaviour, repressed memories, etc. These can hold the key to overcoming your problems.

Cork’s Leading Hypnotherapy Clinic

Cork Hypnosis Clinic is Cork’s leading hypnotherapy clinic. I have helped thousands of people to overcome their problems and live happier lives. Hypnotherapy focusses on what you would like your outcome. Then we just work together over a short period of time to achieve those aims easily and quickly.

If you can imagine the solution to your problem, and believe that you can have that outcome, you can achieve it!

FREE Initial Consultation

I offer a free initial consultation so that you can satisfy yourself that hypnotherapy can successfully help you before you decide to go ahead with the therapy. At the free one-hour consultation, we’ll discuss your problem in detail. This is so that I fully understand the origins of the problem, how it affects you today, etc. I’ll also explain how hypnotherapy can successfully help you to overcome your problem and live a happier and more fulfilled life today.

You can find more information in the Symptoms Treated section about your specific problem. If you’d prefer to arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION now, just click on the image below now.

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Please Note: Hypnotherapy is 100% safe for the vast majority of people. However, some people such as those suffering from low blood pressure, epilepsy or anxiety-related conditions should seek medical advice and have their conditions properly diagnosed before choosing hypnotherapy.